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What Facial Hair Accentuates Your Face Shape Best?

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Wondering what style of facial hair suits you best? Whether you’ve been sporting the ‘stache, a goatee, or a full-grown beard, most men don’t really understand how much their face shape can impact how a certain style of facial hair really suits them. When it comes to growing facial hair, for most men it usually comes down to what you can grow and what you like, which are two very important factors. But taking note of your face shape can really help you determine what facial hair accentuates your features best. To help you determine what works for different shapes, here’s a helpful outline of various types to consider.

Round Face

For a round face shape that has full cheeks, equal width and length and few sharp angles, the aim is to trim down on that roundness and provide a bit more edge, elongation, and definition. The best facial hair for this includes goatee, faded beard without hard lines and even a mustache. To keep your facial hair well-groomed, a safety razor does the trick every time!

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Square Face

For those with a square face, consider yourself lucky since this is the shape that most men wish for with that angular jawline. However, a simple mismatching with facial hair can really detract from that rugged masculine feature, while making it too sharp of an edge. So stick to an all-over beard that has softer edges along the jaw to highlight your jaw without creating too much sharp definition.

Oval Face

Oval shapes are the best when it comes to handling just about any style of facial hair – lucky you! So take comfort in knowing that if you’re lucky enough to have an oval shape, you’re good to go with pretty much any facial hair that you enjoy.

Triangular Face

A triangular or “pear shape” face is defined by the jawline as the widest point, where the face gets narrower towards the forehead. The goal with this shape is to even out that difference between the forehead and jawline. The best style to achieve this is having a full beard and mustache that is nicely trimmed. This helps remove attention from the chin.

Long Face

For those with a longer facial structure, having a full beard or neatly trimmed stubble will work here also as they help round out your face more. But focus on keeping the chin nice and cropped more than the rest to tighten it up.

When determining what facial hair style to go for, remember that your facial features and shape all play a part in what will make you look your best. But of course, for just about any face, you can’t go wrong with that classic clean shaven look. For the best shave every time, check out our classic shaving kit to achieve the perfect look for you.

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