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How To Use Alum Block

Fight razor burn with Gentleman Jon alum block
“The perfect finish to the perfect shave"
In this guide you will learn what alum block is and why it is an important addition any shave routine
 What is alum block?

Alum block is made of potassium alum, a naturally occurring mineral with natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  It has been used by barbers and the shaving community for hundreds of years as an essential step in the post shave process.  This is due to its ability to prevent irritation & razor burn as well as stop bleeding from nicks & cuts

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How to use an alum block, The Gentleman Jon way 
Step 1: Prepare face with cold water
After shaving, wash your face with cold water to remove any shaving cream or soap.  Using cold water will close your pores, which helps soothe skin and combat post shave irritation.
Step 2:  Apply the block
Wet the alum block and glide it across your face in the areas you just shaved.  Focus attention on anywhere you may have cut yourself or irritated the skin - the alum block process will help soothe and prevent razor burn or inflammation as well as help close cuts & minimize bleeding.
If you feel a stinging or burning, this is normal, and this is where you are shaving too close.  You can learn from this process by applying less pressure with your razor in these areas during your next shave.
Step 3: Let it sit
Once applied, let the residue from the block sit on your face for 15-20 seconds.  Alum block does not take long to kick in so at this point it will have infiltrated any abrasions and worked its magic.
Step 4:  Wash it off
Wash your face with cold water again to remove any alum block residue, and you are done.  Some people choose to leave the residue on, which is okay as well but not necessary for the alum block to preform.  It’s best to dry or at least shake any water from the alum block before putting it back into the case.
You’ll feel an immediate impact once you’re done and razor burn will be a thing of the past.  You will wonder how you shaved without alum block in the first place.
Why Gentleman Jon?
Our alum block was curated to deliver long lasting performance, quality and value.  The 3.70 ounce size is the largest you would want to handle, and the plastic case ensures you have an easy way to store the block when not in use.  Our alum blocks last a LONG time.  One block will last most people close to year or more.
Traditional wet shaving does not have to be expensive, and we have set out to bring classic shaving products back to the people.  Like all of our shaving products, our alum block has been carefully curated to deliver the finest quality at the best value to you.