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About Us


This is the foundation of Gentleman Jon, and the mantra we live by. Take the barber shop experience home, leave the disposable cartridges and aerosol spray foams behind. With the right tools in place, shaving is trans- formed into an art form and place of meditation, not just another monotonous task in your daily routine. Launched in 2013 by founder Jon Adamec, the brand was established with one mission in mind – bring traditional wet shaving back to the community. As drug store brands fought with big marketing budgets to hook consumer behavior into high cost plastic “cartridge” razor dependencies, traditional shaving options dwindled and skewed towards the extremes. Those looking for a classic wet shave were to choose between either spending hundreds on ultra high end luxury or choosing cheap, low quality, lightweight products from brands with no real focus on shaving. No one needs an ivory handled razor to enjoy a classic shave, and with barriers like this in place the majority of people were turned off from the experience altogether. The Gentleman Jon brand’s purpose is to change this.

Every item in the Gentleman Jon collection is highly curated to cut through the noise and deliver the highest quality shave, at the most affordable, giftable price point. Our objective is to simplify the process for the first timer who is overwhelmed trying to piece together everything needed to get started. We purposely limit our options to focus attention on what matters and provide everything you need in one place, nothing you don’t.


There is more to a Gentleman Jon shave than enjoying the ritual alone. The science behind our engineering is proven to provide the closest shave possible, for a much smoother and cleaner feeling with less irritation.
  • Our single blade Safety Razor cuts through cleanly and easily - a true upgrade from a 3-5 blade cartridge which clogs into a “tug and cut” action that leads to irritation.
  • Lathering with our Badger Hair Brush lifts hairs upwards for a closer shave, while helping to open pores and naturally exfoliate your skin
  • Our 100% natural Sandalwood Shave Soap has protective properties to help the blade glide across the skin, as the scent will take you back to a simpler time
  • To close out the shave, our Alum Block’s natural antiseptic and astringent properties help tone the skin and close the pores.