Gentleman Jon x THE MASTLINE Co.
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We at Gentleman Jon have partnered with THE MASTLINE Co. to bring you some of the best classic travel bags available.

THE MASTLINE Co. was founded after noticing the length people go to make sure their clothing, accessories, watches and everything else match their unique style - but then follow that up with a complete lack of effort when it came to their travel bags.  Sick of seeing neighbors leave for work in a pressed suit and great shoes paired with a saggy, messy polyester bag - they took to the market to see if we could lend some advice... which is when they found the problem lied within the market itself.  Finding no middle ground between cheap logo-heavy gym bags, and ultra high-end luxury leather bags best left on the runway, they set off to change this and we at Gentleman Jon love the style.

Bring maturity to your travel with structured construction, high quality materials and looks fit for the board room, not the school bus.