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Gentleman Jon's Guide to Traditional Wet Shaving

This guide will teach you the Gentleman's routine to traditional wet shaving.  Wet shaving is not hard but will take some time to get used to.  The best piece of advice, SLOW DOWN.  The goal is not to finish quickly but take your time and achieve the balance.
Shaving correctly will take a short time to get used to, but we promise you will get it and wonder why it took so long to make the switch.  Finding the angle of the blade is key, these heads do not flex like the cheap plastic cartridge razors you might be used to.  After 5-10 shaves you will be a master. 
Tools of the trade:

Your face is best prepped for shaving using hot water.  Shave after a hot shower, or use a hot towel to get you face ready.  You can also drop your brush in hot water pre shave to let it soak.

Step 1: Wet the brush
Not too wet, not too dry - you will find the balance.  Get the brush wet enough that it picks up soap from the puck, but not too wet or else you will lose a good lather.  Remember, it is always easier to add water than to take away.

Step 2: Create the lather
Once soap is on the brush, swirl soaped brush around the bowl to create a lather.  Go fast here, think of a mixing bowl.  Add water as necessary but be careful not to add too much, you want this to stay thick.  The goal is to create a creamy lather that billows over the bowl, think of whipped cream.  You want to be able to hold the brush upside down and have the lather stick to the brush, but just barely.

Step 3:  Apply shaving cream to face
Leaving the lather on the brush, then using the brush, swirl and paint the lather around your face.  This not only applies the soap but helps soften & stand up the hairs your about to shave, plus opens up your pores.

Step 4:  Shave
Finding the angle is key, this should be somewhere around 30 degrees.  Use slow, short, light strokes – let the weight of the razor do the work.  Go with the grain of your hair when possible and when necessary, tilt your head back to flatten the contours of your jaw/neck for a smoother shave.  Be sure to wash off the razor often between passes, to remove hair and soap from the blade.

Step 5:  Apply alum block
After shaving, wash your face clean of the shaving cream using cold water to help close your pores.  Wet the alum block and glide it over your face in the areas you shaved.  Keep the residue on for around 15 seconds, then wash it back off with cold water.  You are done, it’s that easy.  Alum works its magic quick as it helps stop irritation and closes minor nicks/cuts.  Feeling a burn?  Then you are shaving too close.  Let the block teach you where your shaving technique should use work. 

Step 6:  Thank the Gentleman
Your life is different now.  Shaving is no longer a chore and is now a ritual.