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5 Perfect Father's Day Gifts

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On Sunday, June 18, we celebrate dad, papa, pop, the old man, and all the father figures out there who have given us guidance, love, and support.

Regardless of whether for a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, or even as a kind gesture of thanks, it never hurts to surprise dear old dad with a gift that he’ll appreciate and enjoy. So, put those gift cards aside and consider some truly great gifts for the big guy who guided you safely along life’s ups and downs.

Sports Equipment

For those fathers who have a passion for golf, baseball, tennis, or any sport, you can’t go wrong with giving them the opportunity to participate in their favorite pastime. Golf clubs, hockey sticks and gear, tennis rackets, or even official caps and jerseys are perfect gifts for dads who just can’t break out of the game. Just try to see if you can convince them to stop hitting the green or practicing shots afterward, though. You’ve been warned.

Classic Gaming Goodies

Plenty of real men reminisce about the retro age of arcade machines, early console gaming, pixels and low-count polygons. Heading to a retro gaming shop and bringing home a classic gaming system, controllers, and games such as Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man and The Legend of Zelda will surely make him smile, and it’s more affordable than ever since demand is high. Maybe it’s even time to invest in one of today’s new modern gaming systems such as the Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch, which offer exciting entertainment experiences that will make dad feel like a child at Christmas all over again.

Barbequing Accessories

If your dad is the one to flock towards the grill at the earliest sign of warm weather, then perhaps he’ll best appreciate gifts that compliment his barbecuing needs (and we mean needs). New tongs, recipe books, sauces, grill components, or even a whole new barbecue are sure to excite the grill enthusiast lurking in his veins.

Shaving Kits

Regardless of dad’s interest, he’s a man through and through. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with surprising him with an awesome shaving kit that he’s sure to appreciate. At Gentleman Jon™, we offer gorgeous and highly practical shaving kits (meaning that dear old dad will actually find them useful) that have an air about them reminiscent of the golden days when shaving was a powerful expression of manliness. Our deluxe wet shave kit includes everything he’ll need to achieve the perfect shave, including a safety razor, badger hair shave brush, shave stand, travel bag, our famous Gentleman Jon™ Alum Block, sandalwood shaving soap, extra blades, and even a stainless steel shave bowl.

Or for a lower cost, you can opt for our complete wet shave kit. Beautifully packaged in old-world sophisticated style befitting any gentleman, it includes a safety razor, badger hair shave brush, Gentleman Jon™ Alum Block, sandalwood shave soap, a stainless steel shave bowl, and replacement blades. Regardless of your selection, these are perfect gifts for anyone who wants to shave the way real men used to.


$ 75.00

Shaving Accessories

Maybe dad is already accustomed to the luxurious sensation associated with a manly shave, but is in need of accessories or replacement pieces to keep his old-world trimmage in good order. If that’s the case, he’ll be grateful for accessories that enable him to continue. Our online store is fully stocked with various add-ons and replacement pieces including 50-packs of our double-edge razor blades, our famous Gentleman Jon™ Alum Block, safety razor and brush stands, dopp travel kits, badger hair shave brushes, and our very own glycerine shave soap. Our products are highly reviewed and perfect for gifts thanks to their sophisticated presentation and premium quality.


$ 6.99

No matter what gifts you come up with for dad, rest assured that if you’re thoughtful and take the time to consider his interests or needs, he’ll be happy. Take the opportunity to surprise him with something special that will make him smile and feel inspired.


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