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Sick of Razor Burn? Alum Block to the Rescue

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Any man who cares about his skin and facial comfort hates razor burn. It’s irritating, painful, and unsightly to say the very least. However, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of Gentleman Jon™ Alum Block! Fight razor burn and send it back to the dark ages.

Alum Block


What Is Alum Block?

Our signature Alum Block is, quite literally, a solid 3.70-ounce bar of 100 per cent pure Potassium alum and nothing else. There’s no mysterious secret to our products — they’re natural because that’s what’s best for our skin’s overall health. Alum block is applied post-shave to prevent razor burn and discomfort, as well as better protect your skin.

How Does It Help?

Boasting natural antiseptic and astringent properties that make bleeding and infections a thing of the past, it works immediately to function as the perfect climax to a gentlemanly shave (especially when used in conjunction with our traditional safety razor and various accessories). Applying it after a shave will stop razor burn instantly and also assist with minimizing bumps and irritation. This bar of natural magic is designed to last for years with proper use, and it will help to tone skin and close pores. It’s akin to using aftershave in some ways, just without the screaming and searing pain of a thousand collective infernos. We consider that a plus.

How Do I Apply Alum Block?

Reaping the benefits of Gentleman Jon Alum Block is easier than you can imagine. First, prepare your face with cold water to remove any shaving cream or soap. This will close your pores and soothe skin, which will help to minimize shave irritation. Next, wet the alum block and apply it to areas of your face where you had just shaved, using a gliding motion. Specifically focus where your skin is irritated or cut, as the block will soothe and prevent razor burn in sensitive areas such as these. If you feel a stinging or burning then don’t panic — this is normal, and an indication that you’re shaving too closely. Now, let the residue from the block sit for 15 to 20 seconds on your skin. It only takes this long for it to penetrate the surface and do what it needs to do. After this, simply wash it off with cold water. Dry or at least shake any water from the alum block before returning it to its case, which will help it last for a long time.

For any man yearning to be rid of razor burn once and for all, Gentleman Jon Alum Block is the quintessential cure for what ails you. Available at an incredible value and boasting all-natural healing properties, you’ll find it difficult to imagine shaving without it.

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Alum Block

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