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How Traditional Shaving Saves Money vs. Cartridge Razors

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There are many debatable differences between traditional safety razors and their cartridge-based counterparts. That being said, where cartridge razors will never succeed is in cost effectiveness. Cartridge razor are produced and priced to drain our wallets by major corporations - their marketing is nothing but a clever ploy to pull the wool over our eyes, after all. When shopping for a new shaving experience, it’s important to weigh the financial benefits of owning a traditional razor as opposed to their inefficient and more costly relative.

One Safety Razor Lasts a Lifetime

The real reason many still flock to cartridge-based razors is their initial price. Sticker shock associated with the cost of a traditional safety razor often drives away potential buyers who don’t understand the reasoning behind the price. It’s true, safety razors do cost more than a disposable plastic razor, but there’s a good reason for it; one metal safety razor will last a lifetime. Instead of having to revisit the pharmacy for continual replacement cartridge razors, you can easily own a premium quality shaving product that will likely outlive you.

Cartridge Pricing is Ridiculous

Similar to gas and grocery prices, cartridge replacements are continuing to rise in price, with some costing as much as ten dollars or more for a single cartridge. Considering that you’ll only get three to four good quality shaves out of each one, it’s only a matter of time until you end up blowing away hundreds of dollars a year on replacement cartridge blades. For a poorer shave quality from the get-go and nothing to show for it other than a lighter bank account, the cartridge corporations are essentially robbing you blind and know they can get away with it, hence the fluctuation in prices.

Traditional Double-Edged Blades are Steadily Affordable

Investing in traditional double-edged razor blades is infinitely cheaper, as they are rarely if at all subjected to price inflation. Even the best double-edged blades typically retail for a dollar or less each, and they also are sharper and provide more shaves individually. As a result, expect serious annual savings by opting for traditional razors and their blades, which can be sharpened to enable even further frugality.



Opting for a traditional safety razor is rebellious, selfish, and unconditionally worthwhile. Saving you hundreds of dollars annually while providing a better shave with blades that cost less than the price of a cup of coffee and can be sharpened to last longer just makes perfect sense. We at Gentleman Jon™ offer beautiful safety razors as part of our wet shave kits ($55.00 to $75.00), an exceptional value for a premium product. Additionally, we sell a 100-pack of double-edged Astra SP blades for $12.50 — a steal of a deal! Visit our online store today, because there’s nothing manlier than saving money and looking good doing it.

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