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Classic vs. Cartridge Shaving: What’s the Difference?

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Many of us are familiar with the results and costs associated with cartridge-based shaving. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a worthwhile investment of time and money. Classic safety razor shaving produces incredible results for less, and it’s important to compare these two methods of shaving to gain a better understanding of which is the more superior.


Safety razors are built like tanks. They’re specifically designed to provide an entire lifetime’s worth of shaves without wearing down or becoming unusable. In comparison, you’re lucky if your cartridge razor doesn’t go in the bin after a few months. Also, consider the blades when thinking of quality. A single safety razor blade produces soft, smooth, and precise results that even a 5-bladed cartridge monstrosity can’t come close to creating. Additionally, classic shaving makes use of a shave brush and lathered soap to create a whipped cream coating for your face. This is safer and cleaner for the skin opposed to what is essentially the canned air that accompanies cartridge razors, and helps to prevent razor burn, skipped hairs, and inconsistency.

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A safety razor lasts a lifetime, and the blades can be changed every day if you wish because they’re so cheap to replace. Cartridge razors are marketed with clever gimmicks, but ultimately a seven-blade super razor doesn’t even provide a better shave. One blade provides a closer shave, since cartridges with multiple blades get hair stuck all in between. Invest in one safety razor and enjoy a lifetime of better, closer shaves.


The price of a single cartridge replacement for its respective razor (and only that razor) can cost as much as five to eight dollars. The cost of an actual cartridge razor and maybe a few pack-in cart replacements is nearly $15 to $20 on average. While the cost of a safety razor can be larger, many are actually available for as low as $20 and still last a lifetime. In comparison, cartridge razors usually don’t make it past several months, which means that you’ll have to shell out more money to replace them. Factor in the un-gentlemanly cost of replacement cartridges, and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars a year of continuous investment in an inferior product. A safety razor turns many away due to sticker shock associated with the initial investment, but it’s one that you’ll only need to make once. Also, replacement single or double-edged blades are insanely cheap (you know, because they’ve been around forever?). Gentleman Jon, for example, sells 100-packs of Astra Superior Platinum double-edged blades for less than the price of a cartridge razor starter pack, allowing for you to effectively save those hundreds of razor dollars a year for more important things.







As stubborn men around the world continue to realize the inferiority and ridiculous expenses associated with cartridge razors, they opt for classic shaving methods such as safety razors to get a better shave for far less. After all, who doesn’t want to save money and invest in a lifetime-lasting product of high quality?

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