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How to Get a Better Shave Every Time

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When shaving, we all want to get the best results for the most minimal of effort. However, there are steps to take in order to produce a truly gentlemanly shave and not come out of the bathroom looking like you hacked at your beardage like a madman. With these tips, you can easily have a better shave every single time. 

Use a Safety Razor

You’re not really shaving until you throw those cartridge razors in the trash where they belong and opt for a more efficient and thorough shaving experience. Safety razors are the way of the future — even though they are relics of the past. These bad boys last you an entire lifetime (listen to the collective gasps of cartridge users). Of course, they’re not just cost-effective, but also provide a close and more thoroughly consistent shave. You’ll get better results every time, as a safety razor works hard to ensure that no hair is left behind.

Lather and Apply Shave Soap

By using a wet (not soaking) shave brush to swirl shave soap around to form a creamy lather in a shave bowl (notice the trend here), you’ll achieve a better shave. If the lather’s consistency is akin to that of whipped cream, then you’re ready to bid adieu to unwanted facial hair. By applying this to your face where you intend to shave, your pores will open up and the hairs exposed to it will stand up in salute to manly shaving. This makes it easier than ever to attain a clean and smooth trim.

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Use Gentleman Jon Alum Block

After shaving and cleaning off your face with cold water, avoid the screams and perils of razor burn by applying Gentleman Jon Alum Block. A solid block of potassium, it works to instantly seal any cuts and nicks you created, so no worries about heading to the office looking like you were mugged in the street. In addition, applying pure potassium to your face after a shave stops irritation in its tracks, and if it burns slightly, then consider that an indication that you’re shaving too closely.

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Maintain Blades Like a Gentleman

Any razor requires blades that are properly inspected and replaced if necessary. If you continue to shave with blades clogged with hairs and nasty gunk, then expect a less-than-consistent and potentially dangerous shave. In addition, those who mistakenly direct frustration at a dirty or dull blade rather than at themselves for not replacing it will suffer from horrific razor burn if they get carried away. The beauty of safety razor blades is that they can be swapped out daily if you wish, because they’re so cheap to replace. Alternatively, swap out cartridges if you still haven’t moved on to a more cost-effective and quality-focused form of shaving (we'll just leave this here).

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With these practices firmly in mind, it’s never been easier to create the ultimate shaving experience. With some dedication and willingness to adapt, you can have a clean, smooth, and irritation-free shave every time.



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