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How to Use a Safety Razor

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Using a traditional safety razor is considered by many to be dangerous, but it’s clear to us that those naysayers have never given it a try. In fact, it’s incredibly safe and easy to achieve that perfect shave with a safety razor — more so than with cheap cartridges — and we’ve come up with a little guide to using one.

Prep with Hot Water

Your skin is best suited for a gentlemanly shave after being thoroughly exposed to hot water. If you haven’t just hopped out of the shower, then apply a hot wet towel to your face and let your skin soak it all up. Another trick is to place your shaving brush in clean hot water pre-shave so that it can soak, speeding up the process.

Lather and Apply Shave Soap

Make your shaving brush wet enough so that it collects soap, but be sure not to overdo with the soakage unless if you want a poor lathering. Next, use your shaving bowl more like a mixing bowl — swirl the soapy brush around to create an effective lather. Aim for a creamy consistency that enables you to hold the brush upside down and allow the lather to just barely cling to it. Now, apply the shave soap to your face using the lather on the brush to swirl and effectively paint your face. This helps to open pores and stand up hairs on your face.

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Prep Razor

If you haven’t done so already, inspect your razor and blade for quality and cleanliness. If your blade is dull, there’s no harm in swapping it out for another because they’re so cheap to replace. Ensure the head of your safety razor isn’t clogged with hair and/or unsightly gunk, as a clean safety razor will provide a consistent and precise shave.

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Shave at an Angle

When shaving with a traditional razor, it is important to work away at the correct angle — usually around 30 degrees or so. The handle of your razor is specially designed to be a workhorse, so put it to the test at this point and use slow, light strokes. As you shave, be sure to wash off the razor as often as possible between presses to maintain consistency. As you work away, go with the grain of your hair when it is possible, and tilt your head back to flatten your neck and jaw’s form for a smoother and more accurate shave. When done, wash your face with cold water to remove lather and close pores.

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Shaving is an art form, and many of us are hardly masters at it. However, using a traditional safety razor like those we supply at Gentleman Jon, it’s never been easier to achieve the perfect shave. With these helpful tips in mind, you can turn a chore into a deeply engrossing ritual.

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