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Why Should You Switch to Traditional Shaving

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Traditional shaving is the way of the future. At least, it is to those wishing to achieve a stellar and premium quality shave for a fraction of a fraction of the cost. By switching from those nasty corporate cartridges to a traditional safety razor and double-edged blades, you’ll notice it feels less like a chore and more like an enjoyable ritual. Here are some reasons why you should switch over.

Far Cheaper

While safety razors are a larger initial investment ($30 or higher), you’ll be spending nearly a dozen times as much on replacement cartridges for those horrid drug store razors. A single safety razor will last you an entire lifetime, and when combined with the insanely cheap cost of replacement double-edged blades, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars a year as opposed to other shaving methods.

A Traditional Cream and Brush

Many don’t realize that canned shave foam contributes towards the creation of razor burn, as it is comprised primarily of air that makes it light enough for blades to slice under it, rather than through it. By opting for traditional shaving, you get to enjoy the magic of a shave brush and lathered soap to create a rich, whipped-up lather that you can trust. Traditional shave creams and soaps help to condition your skin, and the brush works hard to evenly coat your face to provide maximum shave consistency when combined with a safety razor. The brush also exfoliates skin, removing dead cells and leaving skin properly prepared for your shave. Additionally, traditional shave soaps don’t smell like cheap body spray.

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Less is More

Whoever came up with the idea that you need five or six blades honestly needs their head examined. Regardless of how careful you are, that first blade in the series drags the cream with it, leaving the rest to effectively dry-shave your face and produce poor results. No matter what gimmick or trendy “feature” other razors are implemented with, they’ll never come remotely close to the premium quality you get from a traditional shave. Expect precision, even coverage, and a surprisingly smoother, razor burn-free shave for less effort and investment. Wet shaving with a safety razor produces the best results with a single blade.

When traditionally shaving, you’re allowing for your skin to be treated with the respect it deserves when stroking a blade across it. Not only will you have a cleaner, smoother, and more comfortable shave, but you’ll save an incredible amount of money on an annual basis for these vastly improved results.

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