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4 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Him

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Men can be difficult to buy for sometimes (we apologize unreservedly), but it doesn’t always have to be a difficult process to make their birthday extra special. Depending on your budget and plans, there are all sorts of great gift ideas for that special someone on his special day. Here are a few examples.

Nintendo Switch

Now, hear us out: We know it can be expensive. We also know it can be a nightmare to find depending on where you live. However, no man with a passion for gaming wouldn’t appreciate the exciting new Nintendo Switch. Why is this a great gift idea? Well, it gets him off his duff inside and on his duff outside, as the system can go from console (TV-tethered) mode to portable mode. In addition, it comes with two controllers right out of the box and can be played anywhere, allowing for the two of you to enjoy hours of digital entertainment together wherever you are — perfect for having something to do when traveling. If your budget allows for it, it makes for a surprising and truly awesome gift.

Concert Tickets

Moving down in scale for more sensibly budgeted minds, concert tickets range wildly in price and can go for as low as a couple dozen dollars. If your man is a music buff and loves to see a good show, embrace his interests and share in the fun with him. Make it a memorable evening full of great tunes and an exciting atmosphere. It doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars in most cases either, as music festivals regularly pop up all over North America every year to provide more bang for your buck.

Sports Equipment

Time and time again, the safest bet is always to rely on a trusty golf club or baseball bat — for an awesome birthday gift, we mean. That doesn’t mean it won’t be any less appreciated, however, as long as it’s something pertaining to a sport he loves. Whether a limited edition jersey or a signed ball, sports goods are often the key to unlocking the inner childlike joy of a man, and who doesn’t love that?

Gentleman Jon Shaving Kits

When in doubt, however, and in need of an awesome gift for that special someone who’s so hard to buy for, look no further than our Complete or Deluxe shaving kits. Highly affordable and presented in beautifully crafted old-world-inspired packaging reminiscent of gentlemanly days, they contain a plethora of features any man would love, including a stainless steel safety razor, Gentleman Jon Alum Block, sandalwood shave soap, a badger hair shave brush, stainless steel shave bowl, and a 5 pack of double-edged blades. Just try to top that level of awesomeness.

Deluxe Shave Kit







In the end, a birthday is a special occasion. No matter what you budget is, there are all sorts of wonderful and equally awesome gifts in the great wide world sure to make your man smile. Have fun with it, be creative, and see what you can come up with!

Gift Ideas Shaving Kit

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