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At Long Last: Quality Grooming Items That Go the Distance

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In today’s flooded market of short-term and long-term facial grooming solutions for men, it’s important to analyze the benefits of a quickly growing trend. More men than ever before are becoming truly dapper gentleman by introducing long-term shaving products to their regimen, and here are some reasons why they are superior to the “other” merchandise.


Long-term shaving and facial grooming products are designed to outlast you. Items such as traditional safety razors, double-edged blades, badger hair shave brushes, and other specialty grooming products can remain fully functional and effective for several years under proper care and usage. The result of using them is a cleaner, smoother, and far higher quality grooming experience. For example, one safety razor can last an entire lifetime thanks to its high-durability construction that hasn’t altered much over the past several decades due to its already exceptional quality and shave results. Something to consider the next time you consider bringing home a disposable and inferior alternative.

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When considering the quality of long-term men’s grooming products, it’s hard not to factor in the near-comedic level of value introduced by opting for them as opposed to temporary yet infinitely more expensive alternatives. For example, cartridge-based replacement razor blades can cost as much as $4 each despite only offering a few decent shaves before being disposed of (by design). Double-edged blades like your granddaddy used way back then are still produced today. They cost far less per unit, often sold in 100-packs and costing little more than 12 cents per blade. Typically constructed out of heavy-duty metals such as stainless steel, long-term products enable for you to truly get the most out of every penny you spend.


With less of a reliance on throwaway plastics and corporate “innovations,” long-term grooming utilizes easy-to-maintain, no-nonsense tools that enable you to bypass any hassle and simply get great results every time. Designed to put up with everything you can throw at them, they can withstand several years, if not decades, of regular use. They rely less on gimmicks aimed at squeezing your wallet dry, instead opting for simplified designs that enable for fewer things to potentially go wrong. There’s a reason that older men opt for long-term grooming products — they know they can be relied on, plain and simple.

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With higher quality and face-friendly designed products comes a way to maintain better overall skin health. Gone are the days of searing irritation and inconsistent shaving, replaced by products that have ironically been around for even longer. Items such as Alum Block, sandalwood shave soap, and gimmick-free grooming tools such as safety razors allow for far lower chances of infection, swelling, cuts, and razor burn (if used properly, at least). Your pores and skin cells will become less damaged and more naturally healthy over time due to the fact that you’re investing in products that legitimately care more about you than the companies manufacturing them. In essence, the more simple and natural of an approach you take, the more your skin will thank you (metaphorically, at least).

In today’s corporate world of cleverly marketed gimmicks and throwaway attitudes, equally disposable men’s grooming products have held a large chunk of the world’s population hostage without them even realizing it. However, long-term product investment is quickly becoming a growing trend that is sure to revitalize the way we care for ourselves by balancing results and convenience.

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