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How to Master the Wet Shave

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Wet shaving, when properly performed, is a richly rewarding experience that cleanly and efficiently grooms away scruffiness, revealing the gentleman within. However, there’s always room for improvement. By applying some simple yet effective strategies, it’ll be easier than ever before to master the art of wet shaving.

Blade Inspection

A dull blade means a subpar shave. Not only that, but you can expect increased skin irritation, cuts, inconsistency, and other problems. Before doing anything else, first carefully inspect your razor and inserted blade. Dip it in a shave bowl of hot water and swirl it around a bit to lift underlying gunk. Also, remove your blade and check for build-up in the housing slot behind where it sits. Since replacement blades are so affordable, you don’t have to take the risk or sacrifice your shave with a dull blade – simply pop in a new one. Respect the blade, and it will respect you.

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The Perfect Lathering

Begin by wetting your shave brush enough so that it picks up soap from the puck, but don’t soak it. Then, whip and twirl the soapy end of the brush around in a shave bowl, carefully swirling to create a healthy lather. Consistency is key towards create the perfect soap lather, so aim for a creamy lather that rises over the bowl as if it’s reaching out to touch your face. Maintain a fast whipping speed and add water if necessary, but don’t overdo it and thin the lather out. If you can hold the brush upside down and the lather sticks to it but just barely, then you have the perfect foundation for a wet shave.

The Right Angle and Pressure

A truly great wet shave relies on precision and meticulous attention to detail, but don’t think it’s going to take that much more of your time than usual. After evenly coating your face with lather, simply approach with your razor at a 30-degree angle. Going with the grain of your stubble, stroke the blade across your face lightly, slowly, and with short strokes. Don’t go in hacking or stubbornly whipping it across your skin unless if you want poor results and like wearing bandages. Utilizing the weight of the razor and tilting your head back to flatten jaw and neck contours is also important in order to attain an immaculate shave.

Post-Shave Protection

Just because you’ve cleaned your razor and have a sink full of hair, it doesn’t mean that your shaving session is over — unless if you don’t want healthy and clean skin. After washing off your face with cold water to close your pores, try following up wwith something to prevent razor burn and irritation such as Gentleman Jon Alum Block. Gently and evenly glide it over shaved areas, keeping the residue on for 15 seconds or so. Then, wash it off with cold water. Easy. This protects against razor burn and skin irritation before it can start, plus it helps close cuts fast to stop bleeding. The block is a valuable tool in that by using it, you can determine whether or not you’re shaving too closely.

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Having a good shave is like having a good set of tires. A masterful shave, however, is akin to driving a top-of-the-line brand new vehicle off the lot for the first time every time. With these special techniques in mind, it’s never been more possible to become a facial grooming artist certain to turn heads in a good way.

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