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How to Shave Without Aggravating Sensitive Skin

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For that perfect and gentlemanly shave, you need to be gentlemanly and courteous to yourself. If you have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to not cause irritation. However, true comfort can be achieved through a few careful steps. Here is a little guide that is simple to follow and provides soothing results.


A Clean and Well-Prepped Razor is a Happy Razor

For the closest yet least aggravating shave possible, first inspect your razor head to ensure it is free of any clogs and unsightly gunk that could cause uneven coverage. Otherwise, you may end up digging one side of your razor’s head more deeply into your skin than the other, leading to razor burn and perfectly avoidable discomfort. Additionally, for traditional safety razors — we’ll be referring to them from here on out, as they are the best razors to use for those with sensitive skin — make sure that you have a fresh blade properly installed to get the closest shave with minimal ill after-effects.

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Lather Your Face

Dry skin, especially if it is more sensitive, is going to react poorly to a rough shave. Ample moisturizing is key, and it can be easily achieved by simply stepping out of the shower and getting started, or splashing warm water on your face to relax your skin and open pores. A rich, creamy lather from our glycerin shave soap (ensure it just barely hangs on to your shave brush) evenly coating your face will also promote smoothness and comfort post-shave.

Angling and Direction is Crucial

We’ll just put it bluntly — you don’t want to go in hacking at your face. As safety razors do not flex, you’ll want to find the right angle of the blade first.  This should be somewhere between 30-45 degrees.  Use short smooth strokes especially in the hard-to-reach places, and going with the grain of your facial hair will negate a great deal of irritation. It’s really that simple. No, seriously.

Alum Block to the Rescue

Once you’re finished, wash your face with cold water to close pores and remove excess lather. Afterwards, it is best for those with sensitive skin to apply an after-shave product such as Gentleman Jon Alum Block to the shaved areas of their face. This helps to not only quickly seal nicks and cuts as well as cleanse pores, but it also is a highly effective way of protecting your skin from being aggravated. It even behaves as an indicator of how to make your next shave better for your skin, as if you feel a light burning sensation then it means you’re shaving too closely. Ending a shaving session with such a product works wonders in safeguarding your skin’s health and appearance, regardless of sensitivity.

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If you have sensitive skin, it’s easier than ever to protect yourself from razor burn, discomfort, and all forms of irritation stemming from shaving. With these tips in mind, having a smooth and soothing shave can be painless and simple.

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