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A Gentleman’s Guide to Neck Shaving

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When it’s time to tackle the neck hair, shaving this area can be a challenge. You want that close, clean shave without the nicks and razor burn. And since the neck is more angled and uneven than the face, it takes extra care and caution when handling the razor. To help you get that clean shave without looking like you lost a fight with your razor, here is your gentlemen’s guide to neck shaving.

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Prepare the Skin

Before beginning with neck shaving, you must first prepare the skin and hair for the process. This is so important for giving your skin the best chance at avoiding bumps and ingrown hairs, but the neck can often be neglected. When you’re applying warm water to your face and lathering it up with Gentleman Jon Glycerine Shave Soap, make sure to really focus on the neck area as it can often get the scraps of the prep treatment. Scrubbing the neck, placing a warm towel on the surface for a minute and then lathering it well are all important steps to take.

Follow the Grain

Neck hair can grow in a variety of different directions and one of the first steps in achieving that clean, non-irritating shave is to pay attention to the grain or direction of your hair. They key to really steering clear from skin irritations is to begin by shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Gradually, as the hair is reduced, you can shave against the hair to get a close, soft surface.

Aim to Flatten the Neck Area When Shaving

The neck is definitely not a flat and even surface to glide the razor along. So naturally, we end up tilting our heads, or yanking the skin in various ways to stretch it out and make it easier to shave. But this can be counter-intuitive since it doesn’t help flatten out the area of skin. Instead, aim to tilt the head back slightly as you lean forward, while applying short, even strokes as you shave.

Use a Quality Safety Razor

Traditional shaving provides that smooth, close shave you’ve been waiting for, even around tricky areas like the neck. With disposable blades that cost around a dime each, you’ll always have a sharp shave.

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If you’re struggling to get that clean shave along the neck area without enduring cuts and razor bumps, then try out this gentlemen’s guide to neck shaving to help you understand more about the process to achieve a soft and smooth result.

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