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Easy Safety Razor Maintenance

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Razors can get clogged up or begin to rust and dull quickly without the proper care, which can end up forcing you to spend more to replenish. But you can drastically extend the lifespan of your safety razor with a few key maintenance tasks. Though blades can easy be replaced because they’re so affordable, you’ll want to keep the maintenance tips in mind for the safety razor itself:

Soapy Soak to Remove Build-Up

We all know how razor blades can get clogged with soap scum, which solidifies and can render the blade pretty useless. You can toss out the blade, but what if you get build-up on the safety razor? Use a household detergent and add the recommended amount (as per instructions on the bottle) to a container of water. Then place your razor in the solution to soak overnight.

Scrub Away the Build-Up

Once the razor has been soaking for a while, it’s time to find an old toothbrush that you can use. This is going to be your scrubbing tool to get in and break up that scum. Be gentle with your scrubbing motion if you have a safety razor that’s plated. If you’re finding that the toothbrush isn’t reaching into the crevices well enough then it might be worth purchasing a custom nylon brush to handle this task.

Alum Block


Rinse with Warm Water

As you’re scrubbing and loosening that soap scum, have another container of warm water close by that you can dunk and rinse the razor in. This will clear away the build-up and provide you with a better look at what areas to focus on.

Use a Toothpick

Toothpicks are so handy for really removing stubborn scum that won’t respond to scrubbing.  You can grab a few to use while you’re scrubbing and rinsing the razor in the warm water.

Polish with Pride

When your razor is looking mighty fine once again, why not really make it shine? You can purchase an inexpensive metal polish, apply it to a non-abrasive cloth and wipe it over the metal to spruce it right up. It will make your blade shine!

The next time your razor gets clogged up with scum, use these easy safety razor maintenance steps to clear it out so you can continue to enjoy a classic, clean shave every time.

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