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Keeping a Gentlemanly Post-Secondary Appearance

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We’re told to never judge a book by its cover, but guess what? It happens more often than not, whether we like it or not. So, if you’re walking around with enough unkempt scruff to catch your crumbs or a beard that looks like it’s gone way too deep into the lazy frat-boy period, it’s probably about time to clean up your look.  Looking sloppy is never something to be proud of, and just because you’ve reached the post-secondary years, it doesn’t mean that you need to embrace the ‘rolled-out-of-bed’ look. 

Here are some simply ways to clean up your look and keep a gentlemanly post-secondary appearance instead.

First Impressions Matter

You might be wondering why you shouldn’t be embracing the “I don’t care” phase of grooming, and the answer is because first impressions still matter. The post-secondary world is where you meet new people, form new relationships, and establish potential future career networks and relations. So keeping up appearances is important.

And the first step to keeping a gentlemanly post-secondary appearance is to understand these motivating reasons for why it’s necessary and why you should care to stay well groomed.

Shaving Properly

Most guys don’t take the time to understand the process of shaving. Sure, lathering with shaving cream and swiping away can work, but for those who end up with plenty of nicks, bumps and other awkward irritations, your technique and products are to blame.

To shave properly and avoid skin irritations you first need to ditch the disposables, which end up shredding your skin and costing far too much. Instead, using a quality safety razor is the way to go. You get one single, sharp, stainless steel blade that can handle your skin and evenly cut your hair at once. Plus, it’ll last a lifetime with proper care, only requiring you to switch out the single blade every so often.

Secondly, shaving cream from your local drug store just doesn’t cut it. It’s all foam and not enough lubricant that’s needed to allow the blade to glide easily across your skin. Purchase a quality, rich shaving cream to a clean and easy shave.

Finally, always shave at the end of your shower or use a warm towel to soften the hair before shaving. This makes it easier on the blade and on your skin.

Maintain the Facial Hair

Of course, you’ve got to maintain your facial hair to look sharp and ready to take on any surprise or important encounter that comes your way unexpected. Whether you prefer the goatee, stache, stubble, scruff or a full beard - keep it neat and trim.

Maintaining your appearance is something that you should take pride in, for yourself and for the impressions that you’ll leave with potential people and networks you’ll inevitably meet throughout your post-secondary years. Just remember that keeping up with your sharp, gentlemanly appearance means using quality shaving products that allow you to keep your facial hair easily groomed without having embarrassing skin afterward. So spend the time and invest in your grooming technique.

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