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We’re Thankful for These Safety Razor Maintenance Tips

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to polish up and look your best for family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while. And one of the staples for any gentleman is grooming the facial hair properly, which can only be done with the right tools, techniques and of course, maintenance. Since the razor is the star of the grooming show, we’re focusing on safety razor maintenance tips to help you look your best for your turkey dinner.

Don’t Leave it in the Shower

If you’re using your razor in the shower, don’t forget to take it out with you each time after it’s been used. Leaving it in there exposed to all of the steam and moisture can cause it to eventually rust.

Always Dry After Using

Another simple, but important razor maintenance tip is to dry it after each use – both the body and the blade. It takes two seconds and helps extend the life of it.

Store it Properly

If you’ve invested in a quality safety razor, do yourself a favour and get a stand to hold it. It not only keeps it neatly stored away, but it also prevents any moisture or other products from splashing onto the blade or body. This also keeps it safely stored from children.

Washing Your Razor

Sometimes, even when you’re diligent, rust can still develop. That’s why having a solid washing routine is important to maintain it.  Here is a simple and effective method:

What you need:  

Castile soap (found at grocery or health-based stores), warm water and an old toothbrush.

What to do:

Run your razor under warm water for a good few seconds, or longer if it’s pretty clogged up. Put some of the liquid castile soap onto the blade. Use your toothbrush to scrub away until it’s clean. If you can’t reach into the crevices, then disassemble the razor and soak the pieces in warm water separately for a few minutes before scrubbing. Dry with a towel when finished.

Apply Performance Enhancing Oil

When it comes to particular safety razor maintenance tips, everyone will have their own certain preferences. Some gentlemen prefer to use specialized oils designed to provide a liquid barrier against corrosive oxidation. Rubbing alcohol is another option for sterilizing and preventing rust from developing.

Even with your quality shaving safety razor, proper care and maintenance is necessary and does make a difference. To get the best shave each time and to look your best for Thanksgiving celebrations this season, use these tips to keep both your razor and yourself looking sharp.

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