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Tips on Healthy Skin Before and After Shaving

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Do you suffer from ingrown hairs or razor bumps after you shave? Well, your razor and your technique could be to blame. Pre-shave and post-shave skincare are essential to getting a good close shave without the nicks and bumps that can easily be left behind.  To relieve irritation and get your skin feeling and looking great, here are some tips on healthy skin before and after shaving.

Always Dampen Your Beard

When you’re in a rush or late for work, you’re guaranteed to end up poor results after breezing through a shave. You need enough time to wet your beard thoroughly to let the hairs soften. This allows the facial hair to absorb the moisture, which makes it much easier to cut with the razor blade. This is why it’s always recommended to shave after showering, or to place a warm, damp towel on your beard to let it soften before you begin to shave.

Use a Quality Razor

It should be no surprise that if you want a quality shave you must use good quality products – especially when it comes to your razor. Disposables might be an easy go-to choice for your skin, but the cheap blades and poor designs can end up leaving your skin rough and irritated. Stainless steel products like a classic safety razor will give you a close, clean shave without shredding your skin during the process.

Don’t Skimp on the Shave Soap

In order for the razor to evenly glide along your skin and cut the hairs properly, you need to use a good, rich, lubricating shaving cream. Grabbing a basic shaving cream from your local drug store doesn’t really suffice. Your skin needs a creamy lather, minus the cheap foaming. You should be able to really feel the ease of the razor gliding along without resistance - this will help minimize and avoid irritation and nicks. A pro tip when applying Gentleman Jon Glycerine Shave Soap is to leave it on the hair for about a minute before shaving.


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Use a Shaving Brush

Sure, using a shaving brush might sound a bit over the top and unnecessary, but there’s a reason why your dad or grandfather relied so much on this little shaving tool. It’s one of the essential ingredients for achieving great results. This brush not only works the shaving cream into the hairs, but it also raises them up for a close, even shave, while gently exfoliating dead skin cells away from the surface.

Post-Shave Care

Once you’re done shaving, you need to apply some aftercare to keep your skin happy. Gentleman Jon Alum Block has natural antiseptic and astringent properties. Simply apply after shaving to stop bleeding, cut down razor burn, and minimize burns and irritation.

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Pat Dry & Moisturize

Give your skin another rinse, this time using cooler water. Then apply a good quality moisturizer or balm to replace the moisture that’s been stripped away.

To avoid bumps and irritation, always follow these pro tips each time for healthy skin before and after shaving.


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