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What’s the Big Deal About Razor and Brush Stands?

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Wondering if a razor and brush stand is really necessary? If you want to maintain your safety razor and shaving brush properly - then yes. The stands are an important piece for making them last as long as they can. And, maintenance aside, they just look sleek and classy propped up on your bathroom counter. If you need a little more convincing, here are some solid reasons why a razor and brush stand is an essential part of your shaving arsenal.

Avoid Water Damage

Shaving stands are designed to prop your razor and brush up off of the counter to allow any lingering moisture from your shave to easily fall and evaporate until they are dry. The bathroom counter is also a common area that experiences a lot of moisture and pools of water from other grooming activities. So when they’re placed up on the stand, there’s no risk of them being splashed or landing in inconspicuous puddles of water.

Extend Life Of Razor And Brush

Even though high quality plated razors are often rust-resistant and will handle a wet environment well, they’re still prone to damage after enough neglect and excessive, constant exposure.

Also, since the stand keeps the shaving brush hanging downward, it allows the badger hair - or whichever material your brush is made out of, to dry properly. Even though badger hair is quite resilient, it absorbs water easily, similar to human hair. So you need to treat your brush like you would any other quality, natural product.

Take Care Of Your Investment

We all know that one of the essential ingredients of being a gentleman is maintaining proper grooming techniques. And, with the research and investment, you’ve placed in your shaving products, adding a stand to place your tools on just makes sense. Keep them safely and neatly tucked away.

They Look Sharp

Finally, there’s no denying how great that stand looks hanging out in your bathroom. Whether it’s family, friends or guests, having that on display shows more than what you prefer to use when shaving – it shows that you respect quality materials when it comes self-care, and that’s always something to feel proud to show off.

Don’t lag on the maintenance of your shaving tools. If you’ve invested in a quality razor and shaving brush, then a stand is essential for keeping them neatly tucked aside while ensuring they last and continue to serve your skin well.

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